Wednesday, April 20, 2011


After two weeks of sickness and sloth, I'm back in the exercise groove.  Monday night I tried my first Masters swim workout, and last night I went on a ""beer run" with a new group, prompted by a Lavamate. We met up outside the Brave Horse Tavern  in the shiny new South Lake Union neighborhood, then ran about 3 miles before returning to the bar for some food & beverage.  It felt great to need my sunglasses, and I could have left my jacket in the car.  I think it was about 50 degrees, which seemed balmy compared to the past few weeks. 

The atmosphere was laid back, with 2 big shuffleboard tables and 3 dart boards, big wooden communal tables that seat 8-10, and an overall new-but-rustic feel. Our food came out quickly, and we didn't have too long a wait at the bar even though the place was busy (we stood in the back by the dart boards because there weren't enough open seats).  I had a small but tasty black bean burger with cheddar ($7), half of a big homemade pretzel ($5) and a Captain & Coke ($7).  I didn't realize that they had 2 ciders on tap that I'd never tried until after I'd ordered my drink, so will go back to try those at some point.

I gambled with the weather and rode my bike to work this morning, and my quads could definitely tell I hadn't run in a while.  Hopefully the rain (and maybe snow) will hold off until after I get home tonight!

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